About Us

The Kokomo Park Band is dedicated to enriching the cultural life of the community by providing performances of broad appeal and high artistic quality, creating musical opportunities for local youth, engaging the talents of area musicians, and preserving the great heritage of American band music in North Central Indiana.    


The Kokomo Park Band is comprised of over 130 musicians within a 90 mile radius of Kokomo.   Approximately 48 of these are scheduled to perform each concert. The band currently provides a series of free concerts to the public during the summer months and performs an additional concert in February.  Selections range from symphonic masterpieces to traditional jazz. Our organization serves the citizens of the greater Kokomo area including the surrounding counties. Each of our concerts typically has 1100-1500 people in attendance and attracts a diverse audience of all age levels. Many come to our summer concerts as a regular family activity. We provide youngsters with what is often their first exposure to live “classical” music. There are also a considerable number of senior citizens attending our events, some of whom are bused from retirement facilities. Because there is no admission charge, people are able to attend regardless of their economic situation.  The Kokomo Park Band has served as a cultural icon for our community for over a century. Continued success and growth as an organization depend on a clear vision for the future that includes the following goals:

• Entertain, enrich, and educate audiences through performances of the highest level of musicianship and artistic quality
• Attract a larger, more diverse audience that embraces all ages, ethnic groups, and cultural backgrounds
• Provide unique musical opportunities for local youth
• Showcase local and nationally acclaimed soloists, conductors, composers, and arrangers
• Ensure financial stability through the implementation of a viable strategic development plan
• Create a strong support structure based on continued rapport and dialogue with the community 
• Act as a musical ambassador for the community by performing for new audiences outside the Kokomo area

The Kokomo Park Band is governed by two active administrative units. The Executive Committee consists of musicians of the Kokomo Park Band who carry out the planning and implementation of concerts and other activities.  The Board of Directors oversees the business aspects of the organization.

 Board of Directors

Marshall McKay - President

J. Conrad Maugans - Secretary

Dave Broman

Cynthia A. Dunlap

Sally Duke

Cherresa Lawson

Larry Rolland

Donna McCay

Mary Rowe

Thomas Simmons

Edward Vasicek 

 Executive Committee

Keith Whitford - Manager

William Rowe - Treasurer

Joel Matthews - Secretary


John Hart

Jennifer Kirkman 

Larry Kirkman 

Mary Moeller 

Joe Neff

Gary Wallyn 

Trudy Whitford 

Cherresa Lawson

William Schmidt - Administrative Officer